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How Time Theft And Buddy Punching Are Impacting Your Business?

A successful business needs various factors to stand firm on the position it holds; be it the dedication of work the employee puts in or the effort that the business owner puts in to make the business stand! Each one associated with the endeavor has to be responsible enough to bring growth and success to the company.

But it is a fact that one cannot control everything that goes on inside a company or the office premises and thus, some actions might just impact the revenue of the business under various circumstances. One such common employee action is their Attendance System.

While most of them are punctual and do their work timely, there are always a few in the group who are up to some misleading engagements like being late at work, leaving early or even taking unwanted non-informative leaves!

Although most of the companies are strict with their rules of employee attendance management one cannot really always track certain actions like buddy punching to prevent them from doing the same. These actions may largely impact the company revenue all over and thus there must be a firm solution to this problem.

Non-maintenance of proper timing in the office may impact the entire work schedule badly…

While the latecomers may argue that a 30 minutes delay in starting the office work might not impact the work schedules that much, seldom do they understand that it actually does! It may be that you complete your work on time even if you start late but in most cases, it does not happen.

Moreover, if you start early and finish before the timeline then it may be that you can complete some extra work within the time that you are left with! This can definitely increase productivity and help the business garner more revenue than what is normally expected!

Also, when you don’t start work on time, the other colleagues would get a reason to start late as well, citing reasons of one amongst them being late always without getting noticed and so, the mass delay in the work can be one of the biggest reason for untimely work delivery, thus incurring losses! So, the ones who are high on time theft in the office must be scrutinized well, so that they do not become successful in doing so repeatedly!

How can you prevent buddy punching or time theft issues at the workplace?

Well, with the biometric attendance system, it might have reduced but not controlled fully! But the latest addition to this system is Ofhrs – The Timekeeping App. It’s an automated attendance app which not only tracks employee attendance in the physical process but also helps in managing sales/field employees, manages their leaves and generates payroll on the go.

This app helps in providing all the accuracy and transparency in employee attendance management with the latest built-in technologies, thus lessening the impact of time theft on the business revenues. When the work is done on time, you are sure to get the best returns from it, minimizing the losses!

Wrapping up

The idea of time theft in workplaces has long prevailed at offices across the globe. Be it sitting in the office at leisure or not maintaining timely check in and check out from the office, it is an age-old tactic used by employees to escape workloads of the day.

While previously, the technological aspects were not much improved, the attendance management of employees in every office was very generic (in datasheet format) and based entirely on their dedication and honesty!

But with passing times things have improved in the workplace scenario and slowly almost every small to big company is making attendance system a part of their system to put an end to this unjust time engagement by employees. But even though it has controlled the actions to a certain extent, getting rid of it completely has not happened as the option of buddy punching always prevails. Therefore, the latest innovation of the Ofhrs Attendance App has been a boon to the business owners who aim for higher revenues and wants to restrict the actions of such employees who are high on negligence in maintaining the time clock in the workplaces!

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