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This App Will Replace Your Attendance Timesheet

The Attendance Management System in workplace dynamics has evolved with time. From paper sheet attendance system to track their real-time location, it has upgraded to an unimaginable extent in terms of efficiency and portrayal.

It has benefited both the employees and employers to lessen the struggle of managing the attendance or payroll and keep the accuracy and transparency rigid!

The implementation of office attendance system has been beneficial in many aspects and that is the reason why the businesses today are ditching even the biometric attendance systems to lower the disadvantages that it brings with it and to keep the revenue of the business upright.

Let us discuss more on the disadvantages of the timesheet attendance management and the biometric attendance system and how this attendance app outdo their performance in tracking employee movement easily. Explore more below

The disadvantages of the paper timesheet system…

Well, it is not difficult to understand that what negative points do paper timesheet attendance management or manual attendance system may bring to your company, right from human errors to the file being lost or the timing being put wrong intentionally, it has all the disadvantages that every company would like to abandon to get something better in replacements.

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Although larger companies have shifted to the biometric attendance system decades back, there are still enterprises who stick to the timesheet attendance register system to count on their employee attendance.

While it is the most disadvantageous attendance system that prevails in workplaces today, biometric machines are also in the line for carrying on with similar cons. We shall discuss it next!

The advantages of a biometric attendance system over paper sheet management along with the disadvantages it brings with itself!

Well, definitely the biometric attendance system has been a revolutionary change in the way companies manage the attendance system before. From being able to track the exact time of an employee coming in, to keeping it all recorded on a regular basis to provide easiness in the calculation of the payroll, it has it all!

These might be the benefits of this attendance management machine but with every benefit comes errors too! And in the case of this biometric attendance machine, the likes of glitches and malfunctioning has increased, leaving the employers at jinx in the time of calculation of the attendance during the payroll or in calculating leaves.

While the transparency and accuracy in time management are never justified properly with the biometric machine, chances of misguidance by employees always remain high and tracking them always isn’t possible!

So what’s the solution to such problems in the workplace? How can the company HR get an easy and smooth office attendance system to keep it accurate and maintain transparency?

The answer to this question lies in the attendance apps that are introduced into the world of the business and industry experts recently! It has ditched the age-old timesheet calculations and the newly formed biometric system also, to gain popularity amongst the business owners and entrepreneurs.

Both the small scale and large scale businesses are benefitted through this app as managing the time clock of the employees is just a click away now, without the hustles of any human error or miscalculation during the payroll management!

When you install the app on your mobile or computer, it automatically lets you get the real-time tracking of your employees attendance, using the improved GPS features and technology.

And the rising cases of buddy punching or time theft is also not a concern when you have the apps to track the employee attendance which provides the accurate timing of the entry and exit of the employees with the automated system activated on the same.

To conclude

So, there is nothing more to worry when you have got this office attendance app installed in your system to take care of your company’s employee management issues without a glitch in the calculation.

This will keep the transparency strong and there will be no miscalculations related to employee leaves or payroll adjustments and other such issues related to their attendance! It is time this app will surely replace your manual attendance timesheet!

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