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Why Timesheet Is Important In Your Office?

Workforce management has always been a tough task for the team leaders and company owners. But time and again they have proved why they are in the topmost positions capable of hiring employees rather than being the employees themselves. 

It takes a lot of dedication and hard work in the part of any company owner to build that space which is not only monetarily beneficial for the company but to also build the enterprise with a touch of aesthetics and dignity as well! 

When it comes to taking employee attendance, there have been many ways to tackle the same in the past, among which using the Manual Timesheet has been the favorite of the corporate for a long time. 

People back then did not have the facilities of so many digital advancements that they have today and hence, the only and best method to obtain the correct clock-in timings of the employees was by the manual timesheet entry. And even today there are many offices who stick to it for managing employee attendance needs.

Timesheet important in office
Managing Daily Attendance and Leaves using Ofhrs

How do timesheet management work in the corporate sectors?

It is known that the benefits of timesheet management are crucial in maintaining the employee attendance system in corporate houses. It needs to be transparent and accurate in terms of maintaining decency in employee attendance and to avoid any kind of discrepancy in the same! 

When you are accurate with your employee timesheet, the likes of facing issues with the payroll, leaves, etc. causes you less burden and hence, the functioning of the office works improves invariably well. 

The manual timesheet works in the way that the check-in and check-out timings of every employee of the office is recorded by a person or the employees himself/herslf on a daily basis and the attendance record is calculated at the end of the month for maintenance of paychecks and for keeping track of other employee attendance issues. It is easy to maintain and does not need any heavy skills to be maintained, but required a lot of time.

Are there any discrepancies in timesheet management? If so, how can it be ruled out?

It is not always easy for the corporate sectors to keep pace with the timesheet compliance in the offices, more so when the office is a big one! In small scale industries and offices, the numbers of employees are lesser and thus, maintaining a paper timesheet of every employee is easy and less time taking.

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But when the industry is large scale and there are hundreds and thousands of employees working in the same office, keeping track of each of them in the paperback timesheet definitely draws some flak! 

So, it can well be acknowledged that though timesheet is one important part of employee management and it definitely saves you thousands of bucks as compared to other digital means of employee attendance management, it still has some flaws in it! And to make up for this flaw, today, we get to see the popularity of the Digital Attendance app in almost every sector of the industry.

Why shifting to attendance management software is a better choice for the enterprises now?

No wonder, the paper based timesheet management is an easy and affordable mode of employee attendance management today but given the fact that it might get lost or people might use wrong information to fill the sheet at times, switching to the latest trends in maintaining employee attendance is a much better option! 

And the current trend is the timesheet app which does not only record the clock-in timings of the employees but also ensures there are clear transparency and ethical understanding in accomplishing the same! 

It helps the employers to get the real-time location, accurate attendance timings, leave management and other related stuff of each employee in details to prevent any kind of discrepancies in an affordable way.

The closure

We cannot deny the fact that from time immemorial the modes of attendance management have worked depending on the timesheet management only and it is definitely one of the best methods for the same. 

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But we also can’t deny the fact that our world is developing day by day and we must keep pace with the best technologies at hand for even better outputs. Thus, switching to Ofhrs – Attendance Management App from the age-old datasheet management can be one of the best solutions for the workforce to rely on to avoid any kind of discrepancies in managing attendance at the workplace.

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